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(Effective January 1, 2012)

Article I – Name
The name of the organization shall be the “Florida Sun Gators”.

Article II – Purpose
The purpose of this chapter shall be to promote the enjoyment of sharing adventures and good times with fellow club members; to help newcomers to the camper’s world. To visit historical sites, entertainment centers, state events, and scenic highlights of the beautiful state of Florida.

Article III – Membership
Any person who is an owner of an RV shall be eligible for membership after attending two (2) rallies as guests. Prospective members may obtain from the secretary a membership application. This application shall be submitted to the Board on Friday of their third rally for recommendation of the Board. Upon approval by the Board the application will be presented to the general membership present for a majority vote by secret ballot. If approved, membership fees shall be paid. If there is an opening in the Florida Sun Gator Membership and there are no other earlier completed applications on file, this application can be accepted as joining the Florida Sun Gators.

Membership shall be limited to full or part time residents of the state of Florida.

As of January 1, 2005, Florida Sun Gator Membership will be limited to 30 units. Once that membership level has been reached, no additional members will be permitted to join. As openings occur, the membership application date will be used to grant membership. Prospective members will be allowed to attend meetings as guests and will be required to pay any fees associated with guest attendance. Additionally, while waiting to become a member of the Florida Sun Gators, applicants are expected to contribute to the rally meals and activities.

Each member is required to host at least once per year. Each rally shall have a minimum of one (1) host. This will insure the hosting responsibilities will be evenly and fairly shared among the club membership. It is the responsibility of each member to sign up for hosting duties with the Wagon Master. If there is a conflict in the available months, it is the member’s responsibility to trade months with another member. Hosts will be under the direction of the Wagon Master.

Guests shall be limited to two rallies per year, unless they have made application to become members. Guests may attend future rallies pending campsite availability. Club members will be given precedence over guests as long as the member notifies the host by the rally cutoff date published in the monthly rally notice.

Effective January 1, 2005 a Sun Gator who has committed to the rally and does not attend will be responsible for payment of any site fees the park may collect from the host committee.

Article IV – Administration
The administrative affairs of this chapter shall be vested in an executive committee (The Board) to be composed of the President, Wagon Master, Secretary, Treasurer, two Directors, and the immediate past President. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

Article V – Term of Office
The term of office shall be one year, unless the nominating committee has placed their name on the slate. Officers are President, Wagon Master, Secretary, and Treasurer. The term of office is: Director #1 is three years; Director #2 is two years. Term of office is January through December.

Article VI – Election of Officers
The Nominating Committee shall present their nominations for Officers and Directors at the November meeting. Nominations may be taken from the floor at the November meeting. The Nominating Committee, at the December meeting, shall conduct the election, count all written ballots, report the results, and retain the ballots in a sealed envelope for 30 days, or until the next meeting.

Article VII – Special Events and Rally Procedures
Christmas Dinner: The December rally shall be for “Members Only”. Pending members with completed applications on file may attend, but will be required to pay full cost of a catered dinner. If the December host chooses to have a catered meal, ½ the cost of the meal will be borne by each attending member unless otherwise decided by the Board of Directors.

Article VIII – Committees
The president appoints the following committees:

Nominating Committee: It shall consist of two members and one past president as chairman.
Sunshine: Will record all birthdays, wedding anniversaries and report on illnesses of any members. She will give her report at each monthly rally and send get-well cards to those ill and flowers or an appropriate get-well gift (limited of $40.00) to those members in the hospital.

Chaplain: He/she shall preside at all rallies with leadership in all devotions and spiritual words and assurances.

Article IX – Dues
The annual dues of this chapter shall be $15.00 per RV unit, payable January 1st of each year. Member delinquent in dues 30 days after January 1st shall be sent a letter by the treasurer and if not paid at the end of another 30 days, shall be dropped from the club.

Article X – Rally Dates
Unless otherwise approved by the Board, the rally dates shall be the second full weekend of each month, October through June. They may receive and advance sum of $150.00 or $12.50 per unit multiplied by the attendance of last year’s rally, whichever is greater, toward food, prizes, etc. of their choice. The Treasurer will meet with the host at the end of the rally to settle any balance due. Hosts will keep Wagon Master informed as to location of the RV park and any other pertinent information necessary.

Article XI - Amendments
The constitution of this chapter may be amended at any regular meeting by two-thirds vote of the members present.

GUIDELINES (Effective 2/11/2017)

1. Rally fees shall be $15 per couple. Cancellations must be received by the Rally Notice cut-off date. In case of emergency, the Board will determine if a refund is given.

2. Any money making project shall be discussed with the Board 30 days prior to event, and revenues shall be used at the discretion of the general membership.

3. A letter of welcome will be prepared and given to each member to hand out to prospective members.

4. A member’s handbook shall be published and revised annually. It shall include the club’s constitution, guidelines, and a roster of all members.

5. Members may invite a non SunGator member to a rally as their guest. The members will be responsible that the guest fee is paid, regardless of the guest’s age. The cost for a non-member shall be $8.50 per person and they are expected to provide food items same as members. The reservation policy outlined in rule 1 shall pertain here also. All guests are eligible for any and all prizes.

6. A 50/50 raffle shall be held at each rally.

7. New member fees are $25 per couple (or $20 for single member). $15 for dues and $5 for each badge. There is also a $20 optional fee for a gator sign which is refundable upon return of the sign.

8. Charter Members-These are members who were with the club at its inception. Attendance and hosting duties do not apply until the 3rd rally of the year is attended, at which they will help host. They must pay Sun Gator dues. Retired Members-Members who no longer own an RV and have turned in their book and sign. For an annual fee of $10 they can receive the monthly newsletter (no charge for email). Honorary Members-Members who cannot meet the requirements of membership due to extenuating circumstances. This category will be determined at the discretion of the Board. The attendance and hosting requirements will be waived until the 3rd rally of the year is attended, at which they will help host. They must pay Sun Gator dues and full price for Christmas dinner. 

9. Badges shall be worn when we have new guests attending a rally.

10. Member’s handbook and Gator sign are the property of the club, and are to be returned when a member leaves the club.

11. If host of a rally is given a free site by the campground, they should either get a certificate for a free weekend to given away or donate the money to the club for the site.

12. Attendance at a rally requires attendance at Roll Call and meeting.
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